$3 million loan to Saranist for production expansion

The EBRD is lending $3 million to Saranist, an Armenian producer of glass bottles and jars, to help the company increase its production capacity and diversify its product range.
Founded in 1989 as a small-scale bottle plant, Saranist has since become one of the leading glass manufacturers in Armenia. It produces a variety of clear and coloured glass jars and bottles, which are sold both domestically and exported to Georgia.
The EBRD loan will support the companys strategy to further expand its production volumes in order to offer an alternative to more expensive imported glass products.
The proceeds of the EBRD loan will be used to build an energy efficient new furnace and glass production line, as well as to purchase raw materials required for the expanded production line. The project will enable Saranist to launch the production of new products, such as thick-bottomed jars.